Jerry's revised website... some interesting tidbits

About late summer each year, this website comes up for renewal. I grapple with keeping the site, it isn’t a matter of money, it costs very little. More of, does it matter, bring value, worth something to the Christian public? I check the stats for the site and it still receives a lot of visitors and it gets a lot of search engine results for people specifically looking in to First Family Church, New Day Church and Jerry Johnston. Then I went looking at Jerry’s website about himself and his ministry. Reviewed his Bio and his Doctoral Dissertation. I found some interesting notes from what Jerry listed.

He has always maintained that the articles and the people against him were motivated by political positions Jerry took in the pulpit at FFC. I cannot speak to the motivation of the newspaper, whatever they wanted to accomplish is irrelevant to me. I can speak to the motivation of the people from FFC that opposed Jerry. It had absolutely nothing to do with his political positions. In fact, all of us supported his political positions.

From the start of the opposition, the “battle cry” was “OPEN YOUR BOOKS”. Jerry refused, not only refused, but merely asking was seen as an attack on Jerry. So much so, he even demanded repentance from one church member from asking about the books. Almost all of this was, at first, internal. Jerry could have ended this simply by opening the books, if he had nothing to hide. Now, in order for people to have wanted to see the books, something else had to also be present, a lack of trust. The lack of trust stemmed from many sources. Running through the top reasons include: promising projects with deliverables for donations and not delivering again and again; lavish luxury lifestyles for the blood relatives of Jerry Johnston while other employees received “church sacrificial” pay roughly 30% lower than going market pay for positions while demands to work 70+ hours and be available at all times of the day to serve Jerry were required; yearly trips Jerry’s families went on paid for by the church; black American Express cards; new top end SUVs with a generous gas allotment; new $450,000 homes for Jerry’s married kids who were in their 20’s with no experience outside of working for Jerry; a mansion worth over $600,000 in a posh neighborhood for Jerry. It was reported by Jerry that his family’s income topped $1 million dollars in salary from the church.

Jerry plays the martyr in his website and dissertation. He claims that “angry” or “disgruntled” ex-members or ex-employees were the cause of the complaints against him. This is dismissive to the legitimate complaints from the people in his flock who, either attempted and where kicked out – or – never tried to address these things directly. Jerry answered to no one. What other option did people have in order to protect other Christians from being abused and lied to and taken advantage of? Jerry claimed the government found nothing wrong in his books. He claims this exonerates him. Yet, what business needs to spend over one million dollars to clean up their books because they were “legal” or “legitimate”? This nearly was 20% of his operating budget during the years of the investigation. I do not know what state his books were in when the government asked for them, however, I can’t fathom how it is possible they needed over one million dollars in work to make them presentable with “nothing being wrong” in them. I know if any regular business tried that stunt, they would be in jail.

Jerry does admit he should had addressed the articles head on. Jerry does admit his should have opened his books. He points to the government to exonerate him and legitimize his claims he did nothing wrong. His model should be Christ, his accountability should have been to his flock, his detractors should have been able to address this directly with him without persecution and attacks from him. The cry from the opposition was "open your books". To claim that was motivated by political positions is non-sequitur. He's painted himself the victim. Do not be fooled.

Moving On...

Pretty much the Johnstons have moved on and are involved in ministry in Canada and the US. Their First Family Church has been turned over to the state for a school (via bank auction) and from every appearance, they've all but removed their "history" from all of their public facing websites/presense. Jerry's new site ( has no reference, history, media, etc from the prior "lives" of Jerry Johnston. He's removed all of his history from where ever he can. Although you can still find parts and pieces of his past all around the web, if you have the right search terms.

By and large, apart from those who seek out his new segment on the Canadian TV, Jerry's impact is pretty minor as he's got little to no direct involvement with people and their money. But, if you're here, you're probably looking at the history of his past and this is just a picture of it when he was a Pastor in Kansas City at New Day Church KC (not affiliated with any other "new day" churches still around) and First Family Church - or even his earlier Jerry Johnston ministries. For the sake of preserving what happened, so it isn't lost and/or people seeking out don't get mislead, this site will remain. If new things happen, like Jerry getting hold of a congregation again, I'm sure, we will see more and more new posts and new information as Jerry's management style is quiet abusive and his lust for money always trumps relationships.

Jerry Johnston and Cristie at it again

It appears they are going back to their bread and butter to whip up some circuit tours for their income. They are preying on mothers of suicide teens to exploit them to get back in to the spot light. Christie changed her name to Cristie - she's "Chris" on their marriage papers)

Jerry Johnston preaching at First Family Church

Jerry Johnston preaching in Korea

Jerry Johnston preaching in Korea

Blast from the past

Some pics of Jerry from the past, in Korea and a tithing pic, just think, some of us reading this were actually part of the 43% tithing members (the 695 families) - we gave this crook our money and he wasted it all, throwing away a multi million dollar building.

Appointment of Rev. Jeremiah Johnston to Acadia Divinity College

Official post here. Wonder how long boy wonder will last without daddy to protect him and give him coattails to ride on. I'm surprised any college would have him, given the tarnished church(es) his come from. Corruption runs deep in this family...

"Lost" internal plans from FFC

Now with New Day almost dead, maybe he'll tour :)

First Family Church to be bought by Blue Valley

The Blue Valley school board voted this morning to pay $9 million for the First Family Church complex and its 51-acre lot in southern Overland Park.

The district, which expects to close on the deal later this week, plans to use the complex for an early childhood education center, and probably for professional development. Funds for the purchase will come from a previously approved bond issue.

Renovating the 118,000-square-foot-square-foot complex will cost at least $11 million, the district said.

Who is she?

Is someone trying to re-invent themselves? Or is that "search and replace" not working out exactly like ya wanted it to?

"Pastor" Roger is gone...

"Pastor" Roger is going to be the new children's pastor at Freshwater Community Church in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota. Jerry ran out of money to pay Roger and helped him to get this job. Jerry and Jeremy remain the only 2 paid staff at the church. Jaime Fernandez was run off a few months ago.

Roger successfully led the Children's Ministry at New Day Church to under 10 kids total (down from the over 500 under Dr Hunsley). Christian Barnes (wife of the Rev Steve Barnes, and board member) will take over as the Children's Ministry Director as a volunteer. Steve will oversee the youth as a volunteer.

Jerry continues to abuse money

New Day Church continues to lose money every week and can't make their payments (of course they continue to pay Jerry and Jeremy first!) This is the real reason they left Olathe East, it was too expensive, at $600 a week! Part of the reason they continue to lose money is that Jerry and Christie are living in Branson and the church pays for their gas to travel back and forth every weekend (yes in the SUV). Things remain broken on the financial side of the church and it truly is "first family" the Johnston family!


Seems Jerry (yet again) says one thing is gonna happen before he's gotten everything nailed down and it doesn't happen. How many times can he pull a trick like this and people STILL follow him???

New Day gets NEW HOME...

Wow - that didn't take long - Jerry finds a new place to hang his church money train:

From the email:
GREAT NEWS!  BEGINNING SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 NEW DAY CHURCH KANSAS CITY WILL MOVE TO A PERMANENT CHURCH HOME @ 167TH STREET & ANTIOCH IN OVERLAND PARK, KS!  What a miracle!  We have negotiated with the First Faith Apostolic Church to move into to their church and expand our church ministries in a facility that is beautiful!  And, we will be adding ministries, teaching services, and so much more to enrich every member of your family!


MapNew Day Church KC new church location is 8633 West 167th, Overland Park, Kansas 66085.  This property is conveniently located at the southeast corner of 167th Antioch.  It's just a few blocks from Blue Valley West High School,Pleasant Ridge Middle School, and Cedar Hills Elementary School.  It's very easily accessed from US-69 from the north, using the 167th Street exit.  From the south, you must exit on 175th/179th and come up Metcalf to 167th.  However - the interchange is being constructed at 159th & 69 and will be open soon in both directions.

ALL LIFE GROUPS WILL CONTINUE AND OUR SCHEDULE WILL BEGIN THE SAME:  LIFE GROUPS & CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL - 9:15-10:20.m.; and MAIN WORSHIP - 10:30-12:00 NOON.  Look for a new Saturday worship @ 5:00p.m. and Sunday Worship @ 8:00a.m. to begin soon!

WHAT A MIRACLE - NEW DAY CHURCH KC NOW HAS A CHURCH HOME ... you will see our sign right in front of our church campus!  More opportunity for ministry in a wonderful CHURCH atmosphere!

God is so good.  Look for my new believer-teaching service coming soon!

Meet me Sunday, January 15, @ New Day Church KC, 8633 West 167th Street, Overland Park, KS,

Jerry Johnston

P.S.  BUILDING REMODEL DAY on THURSDAY beginning at 4 P.M. in anticipation of our Opening Sunday at our new facility.  We will need men with expertise in tearing down a wall, along with help setting up nursery, preschool and children's areas, along with our area for LIFE Groups.  I would be happy to lead and coordinate the effort, so have anyone interested email Pastor Roger at or simply show up Thursday.  



For Sale Photos

First Family Church - Jerry Johnston - For Sale

FFC - Jerry Johnston - Close up for sale


David Ramsey on giving...

From Town Hall:

Dear Dave,
Our financial situation is pretty good now, and my husband and I feel it is time to start giving something back. There are several organizations we’re interested in helping, but how can we know if they’re legitimate and will use our money wisely?

Dear Laura,

I really appreciate your giving spirit, but the truth is you can never be 100 percent certain about this kind of thing. About the best you can do is put in some serious time researching and digging beneath the surface of various organizations to find some that are a comfortable fit for you.

My wife and I give the majority of our donations to Christian ministries. It’s not unusual for us to take a tour of the place to see what kind of feel we get while we’re there. If they’re secretive or not forthcoming with what we consider to be basic information about how they operate, or if we see signs of opulence or super-luxury, you can bet we’ll be asking lots of questions.

Talk to the leaders and administrators about what they plan to do with the money from your donation. You have a right to know this. I mean, if they’re going to give the money to hurricane victims, you want the victims to get the money, right?

People who work for a charitable organization need to make a decent living just like everyone else. But if they’re ultra-rich, it could be a sign that they’re not being responsible with their donations. Take a look at their administrative costs - what percentage of donations goes directly to the cause - and anything else you feel would help you make the right decision.

Giving is like anything else. It takes time and work to do it responsibly and with excellence!



What would it take for those people on "my" side to have closure in this matter?

The reason I ask is - and this is a big IF - what if Jerry has had a change of heart? What if he's willing to or has apologized and admitted he's done wrong and hurt people - and that he's changed his ways in a measure that is visible? What would it take to get to a point of healing for everyone?

Jerry once preached on confession of sin, he said you apologize to the circle of the sin's influence - if a confession is what would give people closure, how would this look? Recall that scripture is clear on accepting and forgiving those seeking forgiveness - as Jesus said, forgive those as we wish to be forgiven. Would that do it?

I would like to "hear" what you all think.
I think it would be beneficial to the body of Christ, for unity, for closure, that Jerry exposing his heart on this matter, provided, of course, if he beleives and has repented of such things said about him. Personally I do not need that for closure, up until Labor day 2011, I'd forgotten about FFC and moved on, I'm good. But I do hold the keys to the site, as it were. So, I would look at what is better for the church as a whole if Jerry's heart is back to chasing the Lord, would be to take down this site. Likewise, if that isn't where Jerry is at and he's faking it, the site stays.

I know for some people, no amount of actions on Jerry's part would be accepted (or seen as genuine). I understand your pain and where you're coming from. That is part of life, just like the group of people who see Jerry as infallible in all matters - nothing will change that. I'm speak to, pretty much, everyone else - and to Jerry about this. Jesus spoke a lot about peace between His flock, He spoke about forgiveness and that the Father is a God of many chances. And I know Jesus also spoke of a wolf in sheeps clothing and the harm a leader in the church can do. The Apostles dealt with this during their times as we deal with it now - but even between Paul and Mark, they reconciled. While I don't expect anyone to befriend Jerry or join NDCKC, what I want to know is what would it take to reach, at least, forgiveness and closure in this matter?
PS - I will keep confidential any posts on this topic if you so request it to be done.

The NDCKC board is changing?

The board is changing...Mr Anderson is gone, the Judge is gone...Jerry Johnston and Christie Johston & son are gone. What's up with that?? ALSO ... Fred Riley (the Builder) name is missing. ALL the recent additions to the BOARD are YES Votes for Jerry Johnston.

ADMIN NOTE: I wonder if the congregation got to vote on these changes, in the past, when a change was about to happen, Jerry would trot up the propspect to the Wednesday night service, ask for a vocal YES on the candidate and that was it. I recall Jerry changed the rules so he wouldn't need to do that anymore. Seems to be that selecting a group of yes men/woman is a sure way to make sure you don't have to be transparent going forward. But then, they could have been elected, no idea, website doesn't explain the changes.

Estate SALE!

Estate sale … You missed it … OCTOBER 29 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. … AND … You probably wanted to go!

I.E. the “Johnston’s”

OFFICIAL LISTING website. 18425 CANTERBURY Court in Stilwell, KS is a 5 bedroom, 4 bath Single Family home. Find neighborhood and school information ...
WE ARE HAVING A MASSIVE ESTATE MOVING SALE THIS SATURDAY ONLY.. ..OCTOBER 29 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. 18425 Canterbury Ct Stilwell, KS 66085 ...
TUESDAY, November 1 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. we are opening doors for the ...
18425 Canterbury Ct., Stilwell, KS 66085. Hot deals...all kinds of items ... everything marked to sell....CASH ONLY...bring exact change...we can't make change ...

Images from sales:


Blast from the past

Jerry Johnston presents Glorious Old Hymms - Including 'The Ditch Digger' Al & Poldie Huf

After losing his building, Pastor Jerry Johnston starts over

Here is the article. A long story of Jerry's history and ups and downs.

Court order appointing a Receiver

Here are the papers for the court ordered receiver for First Family Church, as filed on Sept, 12 2011. Jerry had claimed his lawyers defeated this motion from the pulpit on 9/11/2011.

Foreclosure papers

Here are the papers for foreclosure for First Family Church, as filed on Sept, 6 2011.

Country's once fastest growing church to close in OP

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - It touted itself as the fastest growing church in the country but now the once mammoth First Family Church in Overland Park is soon to be closed, for good.

The last service at First Family Church will be Sunday, Sept. 11. At that time, the church will close and the bank will take everything inside -- video equipment, cribs, and office supplies.

Read more:

September 6, 2011

What is the site about?

Jerry Johnston is a pastor in Overland Park and has been for years. This site simply points out where he came from and the events that have happened around Jerry Johnston, First Family Church and now, New Day Church. With Jerry Johnston changing his church name and "starting" new (again....) some people may not be aware of his past and we leave it to you, the reader, to determine how to view this informaiton.

September 5, 2011

First Family Church - what is that?

First Family Church is the church Jerry Johnston founded many years ago. It planted itself in south Johnson county in 2001 with a large sized building. FFC grew and expanded, adding both a children's building and a teen building around the mid 2000's. At the height of First Family Church, Jerry Johnston had his family on payroll. This included Jeremy (now Jeremiah) his son, Danielle Newsome his oldest daughter, Jenny Cunningham his youngest daughter (now back to Johnston as she's divorced), Christian Newsome (son in law), Luke Cunningham (son in law), Audrey Johnston (daughter in law), Mama Johnston (mom to Jerry), Christie Johnston (Jerry's wife) and it was rumored Jerry's father as well. In told, the Johnston clan drew a salary of over 1 million dollars in pay and benefits from the church per year during the high times. Even as late at 2010, it was reported Jerry was earning, alone, $400,000.

In 2011 First Family Church was foreclosed on from the bank. This downhill ride started with the publication of the articles in the Kansas City Star which, according to internal documents at First Family Church, cost the church 2.7 million a year in donations. As the flood of people coming in the front door dropped to a trickle while those leaving increased dramatically, the church lost funding. To be sure, the Johnstons had taken care of their own first. Jerry's home is appraised over half a million dollars, Jeremy and Danielle's homes where over 400,000, with custom interior designs adding several thousands of dollars to the homes. The Johnstons rode around in top of the line SUVs, all either donated or paid for by the church for the Johnsons. When the stories broke, the government investigated FFC. During this time, the Johnstons hired some of the most debased PR firms to protect their image as well as high priced attorneys to protect their internal books from being examined by the law. They spent, according to internal documents, over 1 million dollars defending themselves from these government requests.

According to the notice posted on the First Family Church website, the bank was asking for immediate payment of their note due to First Family' Church's history with the church, which was $8,850,000. When a bank demands a note be repaid, it is because of the lack of payments on the note. Evidence this from the wording on the notice "After more than a year and a half of negotiations Regions Bank finally agreed to a reduced settlement of $8,850,000 on July 8 demanding four $50,0000 payments a week as good faith deposits" Banks don't "negotiate" down a balance due with a client who has paid all of their payments on time - and the $50,000 payments as a good faith deposit is clearly a sign they lacked good faith at the time. however, if you take the monies paid to the Johnstons over the 5 to 7 year period in excess of 1 million dollars and cut that merely in half - that would have allowed them to pay back 2.5 to 3.5 million dollars of the note and stay current - also - add the 1 million spent on PR and legal fees and half that amount would have been covered. Then take in to account the 2.7 million per year for 2 or 3 years that they lost and they could have paid back the entire amount.

Jesus warns us to be wary - Matthew 6:24 - No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money

September 5, 2011

The Internet sites

2 Peter 2:1-3

"But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep."

J***** writes:

THANK YOU for having this website. The whole sordid story, going back so many years, has left me feeling ill that he has scammed so many people in God's name. Good riddance, "Dr" Johnston. And good job on getting this domain name! :)